Faith Risks (FaithWorks 2)

Prayer, Psalm 56
Children, Joshua 2 (Rahab)
Message, Hebrews 11.8-22
Review, on Hebrews:
            a sermon/message
            written to remind people facing a time of trial that
                        we are people of faith ... and faith endures
            faith is substantial, it has objective content because it ties us to God
                        and all God’s promises
            “The righteous will live by faith” (quoting Habakkuk)
            Abraham’s story, 3 specific episodes of faith, how it took on substance
            all 3 involve risk
1. Departure
            Dad: Do not let your past/present keep you from your future
            Abraham’s more difficult calling: to leave what was GOOD
                        Our move here ... but we got to arrive, Abe did not!
                        He remained a stranger, an outsider for life
            Do not romanticize: urban dweller to tent dweller, nomad
                        looking for a “CITY with foundations”
                        life of RISK
            Future driven
                        city and country were well beyond his life time & he knew it
                        Looking forward, with our children
                                                      I just want to be around to see my son graduate. 
                                    I just want to be here for my granddaughter’s wedding.
                        Jacques Ellul: Christian calling
                                    “understand and dominate the present from pov future ...”

2. Descendants
            Abraham’s great failure ... those who risk often fail often
            Attempted the path of polygamy – safe, conventional
                        but got back on course with faith, risk, wait
            Future driven
                        through one son, and one only, “as many as the stars of heaven”
3. [Death]
            Rudyard Kipling, “If”:
                        If you could make one heap of all your winnings ...
            Departure and Descendants
                        has given up so much
                        has received the beginning of the promise
                        now asked to give up even that
                        gave up the past, now to give up the future
            Jesus invites us to follow him in giving all,
                        to follow him to the cross,
                        to follow him to death.
            “If any want to become my followers,
                        let them deny themselves
                        and take up their cross daily
                        and follow me” (Luke 9.23)
Covenant service
Christ will be the Savior of his servants.
Christ will have no servants except by consent;
Christ will not accept anything except full consent
            to all he requires.
Christ will be all in all, or he will be nothing.
Jacques Ellul, The Presence of the Kingdom
Rudyard Kipling, “If”
The United Methodist Book of Worship and The United Methodist Hymnal, Covenant prayer service resources


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