I Saw the Lord

2013/07/07 Christ Church, with Holy Communion
Children, Luke 5.1-11
Message, Isaiah 6.1-8
            read as a guide to worship order
                        source for the first response of the Great Thanksgiving
            read as a personal call story
                        John 12.41, “Isaiah ... saw [Jesus’] glory and spoke about him”
The Encounter
God meets us where we are
            in our grief – hem of the robe, “extremity of his train”
            in our sin – “unclean lips”, coal to his lips
God meets us
            seraphim (fire serpents)
                        2 wings cover face – before the glory of the Lord (Ex 33.18-23)
                        2 wings cover feet – before the holiness of the Lord (Ex 3.5)
                        2 wings fly – to obey the word of the Lord (Ps 104.4)
            John Chrysostom:
Do you desire to learn how the powers above pronounce that name; with what awe, with what terror, with what wonder? ... But you, in your prayers and supplications, call upon him with much listlessness (Ancient Christian Commentary on Scripture, OT X, Isaiah 1-39)

God is always there to meet us
            Evagrius (The Way of the Desert) – made to be close to God ... tears at what we miss
            Annie Dillard on worship – crash helmets and life preservers, lash us to our pews
The Call: God calls us
            My call
                        Video, “Who Is God?” – not being good enough, but being loved
                        Preaching Jesus in communist Russia!
            Isaiah’s call
                        your guilt is forgiven, sin atoned for
                        Whom shall I send?
                        Here am I, send me
                        grace leads to mission
            Our call
                        no vision required ...
                        Encounter with God
                                    “This has touched your lips” – coal, the host
John Chrysostom, in Steven A. McKinion, editor. 2004.
Ancient Christian Commentary on Scripture, OT X, Isaiah 1-39.
Series editor, Thomas Oden. Institute of Classical Christian Studies.
Downers Grove, IL: InterVarsity Press.
Evagrius, in Bernard Bangley, editor. 2007. By Way of the Desert: 365 Daily Readings. Paraclete Press.
Annie Dillard, as recalled from a magazine quote published years ago 


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