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Cheerful heart ... good medicine

Small groups - Prodigal God

Clean Water in Cameroon - One Great Hour of Sharing

Wesley Village worship

Snow removal

Big Brother: Prodigal God (3)

Dish pit


Confirmation Class at Wesley Village

Lost Boys: Prodigal God (2)

One Great Hour of Sharing

Women in Ministry and Leadership

Going once, going twice . . .


Welcome to all God's children

Dessert Auction - all smiles!

Church Camp

Lost and Found: Prodigal God (1)

"Fat Sunday" Dessert Auction fun

Let Them Eat Cake! (2)

Prodigal God


The Bishop is coming!

Family Game Night

Let Them Eat Cake!

Housing the Homeless


Good to Be Here

Chinese Pastors Studying at Wesley Seminary

Salt & Pepper

Youth Mission report dinner

United Methodists in Eurasia


Audit Team