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Practicing Leadership

Christmas Eve Concert

Practicing Prayer

Journey of Hope

Born for Us (Christmas Eve message)

Advent Duet

Ding Dong Merrily!

Signs (4): Leaping

Mozart's Sleigh Ride

Merry Christmas ... from the guys

Children's Choir

Joseph's Story

Beth'lem Child

He Comes - Children's Choir

Every Valley

Filipino Churches and HIV/AIDS


He Is Born - the Bells

Signs (3): On Fire

Congo Churches Help Rape Survivors

Celebration meal (Consecration Sunday-evening)

The Malaria Challenge in Nigeria

Just Pray . . . The Lord's Prayer

Children at the Altar (2015-1122)

Signs (2): Wild Things

Celebration meal (Consecration Sunday), 2

Global Health programs

'Twas in the Moon of Wintertime

From Bishop Park: On Violence and Christmas

Come, Come, Emmanuel

Celebration Meal (Consecration Sunday)

ActionChurch: Habitat Team (2)

Beyond Bethlehem

Signs (1): What Are You Waiting For?

Spiritual, but not Religious?

Consecration Sunday worship

Mission Central story

Time Line - 60th birthday

ActionChurch: Habitat Team

All Saints 2015

Bless This House

Political Dissident Leads Revival behind Bars

Hopes and Dreams

Trunk or Treat (3)

Care Team

The Once and Future Church (3): Letting Go, Pressing On

Winter Kits for Pakistani Earthquake Survivors

Trunk or Treat (2)

Paint Crew

Refugees in Germany

Story time

Trunk or Treat (1)