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Christmas Bells

Christ Is Coming (Cherub, 2016-1224)

Grandma's Kindness to the Homeless

A Very British Nativity

Christmas Eve Family Service

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Children at the Altar

When Will We See the Little One

Revival - and a 1200 voice choir - in the Philippines

New Member

Las Posadas & Joseph's Dream

Candlelight Christmas Eve!

The Children's Ark Christmas Program

Santa and his helpers at Independent Life

Friendship Circle Christmas Lunch

New Eagle Scout

Africa University, nearing its 25th Anniversary as a United Methodist school

Christmas Carols at the Cradle of American Methodism

Come to the Light

Christmas Trees & Jesus' Kingdom

Vulnerable Margins (Welcome to our World #2)

Christmas Story (Children's Choir)

Philippine United Methodist Church and HIV/AIDS

An Advent Prayer

O Come, Emmanuel 2016-1204

Carol of the Bells

Philippino Tradition & Crazy John, 2016-1204

Light the Candle, Cherub Choir 2016-1204

Bishop's Partners in Mission

Unworthy Obsessives (Welcome to our World #1, 2016-1204)

Angel Tree gift collection grows!

Sunshine Circle celebrates Christmas

Three Little Pigs

Bread Church begins to Rise

Ring the Bells

Bishop Park's Advent Letter

Feeding the Multitude

Put on the Armor of Light

Deck the Halls!

The Lighthouse Update

Scouting for Food

Contemporary Worship

Girl Scouting!

I Will Give Thanks

Sunday School Bells


Giving Thanks, a Prayer

They'll Know We Are Christians (Children's Choir, 2016-1113)

The Creation (Children at the Altar, 2016-1113)

Golden Anniversary Saints (10:45 service, Nov 6)

Turkey Dinner fun (2 of 2)

Bikes for evangelism in Ivory Coast

There Is a Season (Choir Anthem, 2016-1113)

To God Be the Glory, Bishop Park Speaks (2016-1113)

Bells, 2016-1113

Golden Anniversary Saints (8:30 service, Nov 6)

Turkey Dinner fun (1 of 2)

Pastor Builds Tiny House

As We Break the Bread (anthem 2016-1106)

Trunk or Treat Trophy Winners!

Thank You Veterans

Children, All Saints, Cherub Choir (2016-1106)

Helping without Hurting

Post Election Reflection and Prayer

Trunk or Treat (2 of 2)

Living the Adventure (Trail Blazing #5, 2016-1030)

Power: Saints and the Kingdoms (message, 2016-1106)

Walking with Jesus ... on Water

Trust Me

Ebola Survivors in Sierra Leone

Trunk or Treat (1 of 2)

Ark Halloween Parade

Confirmation Class kicking off