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We are stories, not symptoms

Give Ye Them to Eat

Open Table offsite (2 of 2)

Keefer Award

Do Not Fear (children at the altar 2016-0821)

Fresh floors

John Dean Town Clinic

Open Table offsite (1 of 2)

New Creation and the Marks of Christ: O Freedom! (6) (2016-0814)

Czech Republic Mission report


New church in the Central African Republic

Children and Naaman

Louisiana Floods

Sending Off

David Davis & Keefer Awards

Tractor Trailer Load of Diapers

Food and Fellowship

Habitat for Humanity dedication

Dumpster tipping

Love and the Scandal of the Cross

Women's Rights in Nicaragua

Holy Manna

Church without a building

No Longer Slaves

Even more youth mission trip pics

In the Congo

Excluded and Enslaved: O Freedom! #4 (2016-0731)

The Last Word (2016-0724)

Somebody Bigger Than You and I

Wedding Bells!

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