Prayer upon the 15th anniversary of the September 11 attacks

Holy! Holy! Holy! Lord God Almighty!
Heaven and earth are full of your glory!
Hosanna! Lord, save!

Today, Lord, we remember the events of fifteen years ago:
            The shock of four passenger jets turned into weapons
            The horror of the Twin Towers crumbling in dust and ashes

We remember our pride
As men and women in blue, firefighters, and other first responders rushed into danger and death with no hesitation
As men and women in uniform emerged from the Pentagon rubble
As a bunch of normal citizens took down their own jet in order to preserve lives and stand against terror
As the nations of the world mourned with us

We remember the sense of oneness we felt as a nation
Our President reminding us of the value of diversity in our democracy,
Reminding us that our military response was not a crusade against Islam.
No matter whether we were Christian or Muslim, liberal or conservative
            We were one nation under God

We remember the years since:
Wars and occupations of Afghanistan and Iraq
The capture and death of Osama bin Laden
And, when we hoped that peace might be around the corner,
            Terror and violence took a new face

Here at home, the spotlight shines on the things that divide us as people and as a nation:
We have learned to fear Arabs and Islam
We talk about the 1% and the 99%
We find it tragically necessary to remind ourselves that black lives matter, that gay lives matter, that blue lives matter
And the Klan makes attempts to recruit in our own community
We are reminded of the uncomfortable truth that, though all are created equal, we are not all equal in opportunity, access, legal protections, or hope.

Forgive us for our fear of those who are different from us.
Forgive us for slapping labels on people who, like us, are made in your image.
Forgive us for settling for a world in conflict when you have called us to be peacemakers.

Holy! Holy! Holy! Lord God Almighty!
Heaven and earth are full of your glory!
            Come, Lord Jesus and be
            The Prince of Peace,
            Healer of our brokenness,
            And Hope of the world.

Hosanna! Lord, save!


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