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Food Bank Report

Aid for survivors of rebel attack in East Congo

Take Up Your Mat, and Walk

Trail Blazing, Community of FRIENDS

Sing to the Lord a New Song

Hurricane Matthew in Haiti and Cuba

Peter's Escape

The Community of FRIENDS (Trail Blazing #3, 2016-1016)

Daniel and the Lions

This Is My Commandment

Trail Magic at Harper's Ferry

Witness to Hurricane Matthew

Sunday Bells

Cancer Support Group

Make Me a Servant (Anthem 2016-1009)

New Gutters!

Fire Pit from Eagle Scout

The LIFE of Worship (Trail Blazing #2, 2016-1009)

Police Detective as Local Pastor, Dallas Ambush

Trail Blazing, Marian Taylor

In Remembrance

Story time

Comets Homecoming

Hmong ministry in Minneapolis

Walking in the Garden

Soup and Bake Sale (Sept 24)

Walking the Trail (Trail Blazing #1)

Mission Central HUB team (Sept 21)

World Communion Sunday

Post Holes for new Picnic Shelter

Prison ministry in Bulgaria

Baptism (2016-0918)

Leaning Tower of Picnic

Pounding the Pastor

Make Me a Channel of Your Peace

The Shrewd Manager