Giving Thanks (Turkey Dinner Edition)

We here at Christ Church have something special going on. When the yellow sheets go out looking for help for our Annual Turkey Dinner, I’ve learned not to get nervous in the numbers early on, because come the first Saturday in November, the total response is unbelievable.
               Although there is a lot that goes on behind the scenes in preparation, Saturday morning starts very early. The first thing I do is go into the dining area—it’s beautiful—all set-up and ready to go. Every year I have the same feeling—a feeling of awe—goosebumps on my arms—how wonderful. I then say a prayer of Thankfulness for all the people who have helped so far, and all who have signed-up for this day. I ask our Lord to be with us that we provide a good meal, friendly service, hospitality to all who attend, and that we don’t run out of anything.
               Each area takes on its own life: Ticket Sales, Beverage Room, Relish Area, Pie Room, Sanctuary, Dining Room, and of course the “Kitchen”. All of these working areas put together make for a successful Turkey Dinner.
               At the end of the day, I am prayerfully thankful for each and every one of you for giving of yourself to do God’s work.
               With God’s blessings, we really do have something special going on.
Your sister in Christ,

Donna Strittmatter


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