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Nursery coordinator

Sorry: Repairing Relationships through Reconciliation (2018-1007)

No Outsiders

I Want to Say I'm Sorry

Church opens modern hospital in Nigeria

Kite Festival (2 of 3)

Ric & Carol

Transformation: Turn this cold stone into fire, 2018-0930

Trunk or Treat, POSTPONED TO SUNDAY starting at 5 pm

Baptism with Water and Fire

Choir and Second Sunday Singers

Amazing Grace

Church Picnic

Camping with the Scouts

Transformation: Breathless Body to Alive (2018-0923)

Group dinner

Kite Festival (1 of 3)


Transformation: Holy Water into Wine 2018-0916

Personal Story of Bishop Khegay

Pass It On

Parking lot repair

Born of Water and the Spirit

Band set, Sept 16

Anthem with extra singers

Earth Water Wind and Fire


Transformation: Dust and Ashes 2018 0909

God makes a human, and Pounding the Pastor

Children Obey Your Parents

Find Us Faithful (Sept 2)

Stand firm then, with the belt of truth ...

Open Table at the picnic grove


Things to do with a pothole ... baptize a puppy?

Armor of God

Sharper than a two-edged sword (Message 2018-0826)

World Communion Sunday

Called to be Missionaries

The color of the day ...


Food and Fellowship