Shake It Up! Light the Way (2018-1202, message)

1-2 Dec 2018, Christ Mountain Top, Advent 1
Praying the Psalm, NONE – invitation, confession, pardon
Children/Advent Wreath, Jeremiah 33.14-16, signs
Message, Luke 21.25-36
Blessing, 1 Thessalonians 3.9-13

      The news – politics, disaster, war, violence
      The season – simply having TIME
      Close to home –
            suicide of a young person or parenting in general
            waiting for a medical diagnosis or treatment
            job loss
            uncertainty of college applications or romantic desire
      wild rabbits surfing on sheep (2017 news)
      Jesse’s ring tone, from a video game, “Chaos”

Today’s texts highlight chaos in the world, chaos that is preliminary to God’s arrival:
      Heaven and earth pass away
      Distress from the sea
      Signs in the sky
      Fainting with fear
      A day that springs on us like a trap
And all of it preliminary to the arrival of the Son of Man. That arrival is what we call “Advent” and that is what we focus on in this season – not the past, first, Advent but the coming Advent.

The sense of judgment. The world faints with fear. Yet, we all know that we need some judgment. This world is NOT right and we need to be made right. So judgment comes as good news. It gives us hope.

In chaos:
      Can’t see the future
      Can’t navigate with hope
      Need to light the way

Light the way with signs
      So often we miss the obvious
            Even now, buds are set on rhododendrons
            We do not have to wait until March for signs of spring

·       A couple hundred young people gathering to console & celebrate the life of their friend, learning to practice what Paul calls “grieving with hope”
·       Unexpected friendships formed in cancer treatment
·       The generosity of God through God’s people when we have fallen on hard times
·       Learning more about ourselves – and appreciating the gift of who we are – while waiting for the right college or romantic fit
There is light at the end of the tunnel, and it ain’t the train

Zoe, looking for the frisbee in the dark – flashlight


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