Sunday, March 22, 2020

Sunday Worship - Live Online!

The building is closed but the ministry goes on!
We will hold one live service this weekend which will then be available to be watched or rewatched at the same link. Hope to see you then!

The service will be livestreamed on YouTube. It’s our first run through on a large scale (other than small tests) and we may have a few glitches, but we will meet together with Jesus no matter what. The worship service will also be available on YouTube at the same link, and on our website, to view afterwards. 

Participating in online worship:
  • If you have a joy to share, please send me a photograph in advance. We may include it in the service.
  • YouTube has a live chat available, so be sure to give a shout out to say you’re there and to greet a friend. You can also use it to post prayer concerns, just like we do when we register in worship.
  • If you cannot participate live, you can watch (or rewatch) it later at any time.
  • Give your offering via mail, your bank’s bill pay system, or PayPal on our website. This Sunday is One Great Hour of Sharing (UMCOR Sunday), and you can make a special gift through PayPal for this purpose as well.
  • Some of us are struggling financially. Please be sure to let me know of any personal needs.

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