Future of Child Care and Preschool at Christ Church

Christ Church is happy to announce a new partnership in child-care and preschool with Mountaintop Kids, owned and operated by Vicky Kochanski. You may know Vicky from youth soccer or the parent-teacher association. She first became involved with Mountaintop Kids as a parent and became the owner in 2018, but she continues to view the work of her center from the perspective of a parent first. She currently has two locations, one on Kirby Avenue and one at Grouse Hill. Her main center (Kirby Ave) is at the Keystone STARS 3 quality rating. This represents a significant investment in quality of staff, program, facility, and curriculum. We hope that you will join us in welcoming the Mountaintop Kids team.

We at Christ Church look forward to a fruitful partnership with Mountaintop Kids that will allow us to build additional meaningful relationships in our community. Our mission is to offer Jesus – to make disciples of Jesus for the transformation of the world. For us, the most effective way to do that is in rich relationships and intentional partnerships.

As you may know, Maureen Guesto, the owner-operator of The Children’s Ark (the previous child-care and preschool at Christ Church) had chosen to retire. Her final closure date was April 27. The church’s agreement with her was not transferrable, and we designed a process of interviewing potential owner-operators as well as potential directors for a church-owned and operated child-care. None of our council members have children or grandchildren in child-care, and this work involved a lot of learning on our part. While we are excited about the future, we are also prayerful for Maureen, for her excellent staff, and for the many families that called the Ark home.


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