UMCOR COVID-19 Response

For 80 years The United Methodist Committee on Relief has responded to natural and man-made disasters regardless of the location or the need.
This time the disaster is everywhere. COVID-19 has had hotspots throughout the United States and around the world.
The economic impact from closures of major sectors of the global marketplace is causing severe hardships. UMCOR is fulfilling the mandate with which it was created by responding in tangible ways that “alleviate poverty and suffering.”

Will you please help?

Global Ministries and UMCOR are assisting ministry partners from Miami to Manila, Seattle to San Palo and Coatesville to Kinshasa. More requests for assistance are received each week and, sadly,
the majority are requests for food to support vulnerable communities.
Partners who operate or directly support food pantries are asking for help as the global fight against COVID-19 is inflating the price of food, especially in places where food insecurity was already a major public health issue - even here in the U.S.
100% of your gift to the UMCOR COVID-19 Response Fund will be used to meet the basic needs of people who are hoping for your response.


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