Friday, February 21, 2020

Girl Scouts at Christ Church (2)

Another great Girl Scout troop. Thanks to their leaders and everyone else who contributes to help these young ladies thrive.

Thursday, February 20, 2020

A Vision Adjustment

Thanks to Dave for sharing the message while I was away at my parents!

Scripture Lesson - 2nd Samuel 7:1-17
A gray-haired woman in a white jacket carefully positioned the optometer in front of my eyes.  "Concentrate on the bottom line" she said. "Can you read it?"
"T..F..P..V..O.. or is that a C..."
"Which is clearer?" She asked.  The lenses snapped into place and the image changed slightly.
"That's fine," she said. "We'll make the glasses."
Eye exams... we have all had them.  Adjustments to vision...minor corrections to make things clearer. Bifocals when our arms get too short.  Trifocals when the music on the piano or the computer screen isn't quite in focus with either correction.
King David got a vision correction in our lesson today. With the help of Nathan the prophet, he got a clearer picture of himself and God.
As we reckon time it was about 1000 years before the birth of Christ.  Israel was a rag-tag tribe of nomadic shepherds and farmers.  They were in the "Promise Land", but besieged by enemies on all sides. 
King Saul had build an army to protect the rapidly growing population, but had limited success against his aggressive neighbors.
David was an uneducated keeper of the flock.  Today with his background he might be an attendant at a car wash.  Perhaps he would be the guy who washes the wheels before the car goes through the machine.  He had no formal education, no military background, no chance at a career.
On those long, boring afternoons in the hot sun of Palestine he would amuse himself by composing songs, and throwing rocks at mice.  He probably had some encounters with wild animals who saw his sheep as easy prey.  He got to be quite good at  throwing rocks, but most parents would see little future for someone who was really good at throwing rocks.
I can still hear my grandmother's voice saying, "You kids put those rocks down before you put somebody's eye out."
We all know the story of David killing Goliath with his sling shot and a rock.  Since my name is David I was always fascinated by the story of this boy hero.
It was not one of my Grandmother's favorites.

Boy Scouts at Christ Church

From raft races to hiking to Christmas caroling at Mountain Top Senior Care, we've got a fantastic group of young men, families, and leaders.